We are proud to announce that the bargaining units of UE Local 893/Iowa United Professionals voted overwhelmingly once again to recertify us as the bargaining representative.

This sends a strong message to Governor Reynolds and the Republican led legislature that we won’t stand down while they attempt to take away our hard won rights and benefits. We beat all odds… being in a right to work state with complete Republican control, the gutting of Chapter 20, Covid 19 coupled with people working remotely to mention a few.

THANK YOU to all who voted! A special thanks to those that made this happen, our members, the leadership and our staff, Greg, Shelly, Michael and Jennifer and last but not least, the ROC (Recertification Organizing Committee). Thank you for your commitment, dedication, and hard work in getting us to another victory!!  We did it together and with grassroots organizing.


Don’t let your activism end here. Support your recertification decision by JOINING TODAY!!

Making sure you maintain and improve your wages, benefits, and working conditions starts with joining your union! We negotiated a 2.1% across the board wage increase in both years of our 2019-2021 contract between UE Local 893-IUP and the State of Iowa. We are headed into negotiations this fall and need your participation.

In the event that you as a member would need representation from issues that arise in your workplace, we will be there to guide you through activating your Weingarten rights and each step of the grievance process. You are one bad supervisor or unexpected event away from needing support and representation.

In addition, we have filed an additional lawsuit for our members to force the State to implement all parts of the 2017-2019 contract after our Supreme Court victory. We continue to do everything we can to move things along in order to correct issues like step increases, standby pay, etc. We will provide regular updates and more details to our dues paying members as they emerge.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO BETTER SERVE YOU! As a dues paying member, YOU run this union. YOU have a voice. YOU contribute to the gains in wages and benefits, and YOU will help us move past this struggle and rise up stronger and more unified.

JOIN TODAY! Please email from your personal email address to receive a membership form and more information on our dues structure!