How to vote YES for recertification, so your voice will be heard!!!

You can vote by phone by calling 1-877-639-7161 or online at:

Be prepared to provide your birth date (MM/DD/YYYY) and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Follow the instructions then provided to you: You will be asked “do you want UE Local 893-IUP to be retained and recertified and continue to be your bargaining representative? After you VOTE YES, you will be asked to confirm your choice for your vote to be counted. You must confirm your choice for your vote to count.

If you have any questions or problems voting, please contact us at (515) 299-9840 or


All employees are asked to vote, whether you are a union member or not!


Voting “YES” does not make you a dues paying Union Member.


By “VOTING YES” you support having a say in your employment conditions, want to keep your current benefits and protections, and the right to collectively bargain for WAGE INCREASES.


Not voting is the same as a “NO VOTE”, so Support your Union and VOTE YES!